How to Build Your Email List

This is and always will be the best way to demonstrate your expertise

The First Email

Make it actionable

It shouldn’t require much actual effort.

For example, if you teach yoga — and you specialize in yoga for cyclists — make it clear how the movements correlate to what they’re interested in. Overlay the positions a cyclist is in with the positions that you use in your video. The key is making it as relevant as possible to the person.

A lead magnet/freebie/email-list-builder idea for trainers & yoga teachers.

Show them what they want to be doing and how it’s connected to what you’re teaching them.

If you’re giving them a workout, use image overlays to explicitly show them the connection between what they want to do and the exercises you’re recommending. I would make it a less-than-ideal workout, and sacrifice a little bit of my integrity as a coach or trainer, just to build the bridge between what they want to do and what I’m giving them.


Make it relevant to them. The more relevant, the better.

Find out what they want to do and use photos of people doing it.

How to Build A Sequence