Your 3 Content Buckets

This is and always will be the best way to demonstrate your expertise

Universal Bucket:

Human Condition and Connection

You should have stories for these. The issues everyone deals with.

  • Confidence
  • Focus & distraction
  • Procrastination
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Family & relationship dynamics
  • Substance abuse
  • Recovery

For me, I’ve always had a lot of anxiety around people I don’t know, but it was at its worst when I was in high school. I have a few stories, mostly told with humor, to illustrate how shy and meek I was. Depending who I’m talking to, I’ll include/exclude parts to make different points.

Why would anyone care

We want to know more about the people who capture our attention and imagination.

To bond with the reader.

The short answer unfortunately includes a buzzword: the point is to build connection on things other than the thing you do.

But what does that even mean? Build connection? And what does that have to do with selling my course?

Good question. We need to be more clear about what “connection” means.

I suppose we’re looking for resonance & trust.

These stories aren’t random. They’re not just funny, or embarrassing. They are told to illustrate the things you want people to know about you.

So instead of listing your best attributes:

  • cares a lot about animals
  • doesn’t particularly enjoy “tech”

Interests Bucket

Case Study

I don’t have a theme to talk about because I feel like I’m a Jack of all trades, master of none.

I get so overwhelmed with which piece of of me or my story do I talk about?

I worked as an attorney for 10 years. I have this perspective as an attorney and someone who knows constitutional law. But I’m not an expert in any area.

I have a perspective as a woman and a mother.

I had my kids. And I had this postpartum break down, which opened up my spiritual side and now I have this spiritual perspective.

I started doing Reiki and readings. And then I had all these surgeries.

Then I started doing the Modera stuff.

One day, I’m like “I should talk about alignment,” because I used to believe alignment was this, and now I know it’s that.

And then I’m like, but you know, gut health is really important. my gut has been off and but I’m 49 and perimenopause is a bitch.

Should I talk about alignment today and postpartum tomorrow and gut health the next day?

Do I just talk about whatever’s on my mind right now?

Hobbies and personal interests

Industry Bucket

Opinions about your industry

Who is doing it right?

Who is doing it wrong?

Writing to get money