Getting Started

How it works

It comes down to 8 steps

do the best job of solving an important problem for a reader who cares, without anchoring yourself to temporary tools, tactics, or trends. -Rob Fitzpatrick


Create lists of thoughts, insights, stories, opinions

Never a blank page


Write and publish something every day

Build good will

Earn enough good will for a few strangers to grant you an interview.

Ask them about the circumstances that led to them finding you.

How to Extract Useful Information

How to interview someone to get information you can use

Your questions should not ask for speculation, imagination, or guessing.

They should ask for specifics about what exactly they want to be able to do, what they’ve tried in the past, what has worked, what hasn’t worked.

You’re looking for facts. You want to know about actual stuff that happened in real life — not what might happen in the future, or what may have happened if things were different.

This is how you will find out what products to make, how to position your offers, what messages

Often times, these conversations will lead to coaching or consulting relationships simply because they got a chance to talk about themselves.

You may already have the audience you need, but you just gotta show em the right message.


Pay attention to the key indicators




Turn the best-of into an email opt-in bribe

Building your list


Continue to write and publish, but now…

Building your list


Send them a 8 part sequence

Building your list


The Ask

Building your list